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Byuioo, A Gibberish Musical:
“I enjoyed the expressive but not overdone voices of the solo singers…for example, the clear, high voice leaps of Arielle Siegel (as Matkah, a memorable white-bearded pregnant tribe member)…” — Angel Lam, Theatre is Easy
“BYUIOO is a truly unique musical experience…The entire cast is remarkable…” — Jose Solis, Stage Buddy


The Ash Girl:
“Arielle Siegel, who plays the Fairy in the Mirror stays lively and interesting to watch throughout the production, to the extent that scenes without her make us wonder what her character is up to.”          
— Sam Thielman,
“Arielle Siegel brings a charming levity as the Fairy who makes it possible for Ash to go to the ball.”
— Chris Kompanek, TheatreMania
“In this buoyant production…it’s the crew contributions — and the spirited cast — who supply the magic.”
— Andy Webster, The New York Times


 Felix and the Diligence:


“Arielle Siegel’s Felicia radiates her conflicted desires…” — Michael Mraz,


“One begins to question if this isn’t the most skilled mixture of improv comedy and a straight play around…It makes perfect sense to go out and see the play, well written by Day and well performed by Pipeline’s members.” 

— Elise McMullen, Show Business Weekly

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